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Welcome to this ultimate Data Entry Course for Beginners to Pro, from where you are going to learn about Data Entry project types available on freelance marketplaces such as - Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer Platform. You're going to learn about Data Entry from an well experienced, successful, Top Rated Data Entry Professional - who have been providing Data Entry Professional services to clients since 2015! This live project example based Data Entry Course is for all of the peoples who are interested to become a Freelancer, work from home and provide Data Entry services to their clients. In this course you will learn LIVE data entry projects i received form freelancing platform Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer. What are some of the types of Data Entry Jobs available in freelance marketplaces? How clients provide us Instruction for the Jobs? How do we work on Data Entry Projects? how to chat with client. how to receive extra Tip. After watching the lessons, after practicing on the provided practice projects in the course, you will have the CONFIDENCE to move forward, try on getting clients on marketplaces and become a Professional Data Entry Service provider.

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Before Start Data entry Live project Training You Must Learn These Four Basic MS Excel Tutorial.

  • MS Excel Basic Training For Data Entry Work.mp4 12min 41sec
  • Excel Basic Formulas For Data Entry work.mp4 6min 58sec
  • How To Create Data Entry Form to quickly put data in table.mp4 5min 3sec
  • MS Excel Groups & Tabs Customization.mp4 6min 59sec

This was the my first two data entry project received from Upwork i will teach you how to complete Project in Excel with client requirement.

  • 1)Data Entry Live Project-Collect Multiple Company Data In Excel Upwork Project.mp4 11min 54sec
  • Find Company Website with the help of company Name From Google.mp4 5min 49sec

In this section you will Learn Live Data Entry Project Received Form Fiverr. You Will Learn how to scrape Company Email and Company Website.

  • 5)Data Entry-Web Scraping Live Demo Project Received From Fiverr.mp4 10min 2sec
  • 3)Data Entry Live Demo-I Earn $14 By Email Scraping-Freelancer Live Project Training.mp4 8min 40sec

Client Requirement: Find email & Phone number By giving Websites in excel Spreadsheet. LIVE Project Practice and Solution.

  • 4)Data Entry Live Training Internet Research Project Training In Excel- Freelancing Project.mp4 10min 4sec

In this section you will learn you how to scrap Yellow pages with the help you client requirement. Fiverr and Upwork Live project demo training.

  • 7)Data Entry-B2B Lead Generation -Live Demo Upwork Project Practice.mp4 6min 26sec
  • 6)Lead Generation Live Demo Project Complete Fiverr Project Guide.mp4 11min 59sec

In this section you will learn Fiverr Project to find Instagram Influencer. client Requirement: Find 400 Email & Username from Instagram the criteria is insta account must have 10k follower.

  • 8)Data Entry-Find Instagram Influncer Live Upwork Project Solve.mp4 9min 15sec

In this section you will learn remove Project error from table Project Corrections, Split Full Name, Merge Data, Table Settings.

  • 10)Fiverr Project Split Full Name In Excel.mp4 4min 53sec
  • 9)Data entry project- Corrections Merge Rows and Coloumns By the Requirement of Buyer.mp4 6min 59sec

In this Section you will learn how to get data entry project on Fiverr & how to chat with client and how to read project requirement

  • 12)Fiverr Data Entry Project Received Live Chat With Client & Live Complete Project.mp4 9min 30sec

In this section you will learn when you complete the buyer project and 2nd step is deliver the project to client ..

  • Deliver Completed Project On Fiverr to Client.mp4 3min 35sec

In this section i will learn how to can make $500 Per Month by doing data entry work on freelancing Platform. I will tell you best techniques to make money with data entry

  • Make $500 Per Month by Doing Data Entry Work.mp4 7min 19sec
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Kashif Gul

Founder, IT. Training Master

I am master of ★Data Entry Work★ ★Virtual Assistant★ With 5 Year of experience in Freelancing. I always making work with my creativity and with my long time professional experience. ★My Working Area List★ ★Data Entry ★Excel ★Web scraping ★Web search ★Converting ★Internet Research ★Research ★Copy Typing ★LinkedIn ★And More Thanks and Regards, Kashif


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Yes Of course, You can easily make $300 To $500 as a beginners level to freelancing.

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